What’s this about?

Hello there!

Thank you for visiting my personal blog, Lionhearted. Here I showcase stories of travel, adventure and of well, life. While most of us dream of big things for ourselves, overcoming the fear and challenges that life throws at us can seem to hinder those possibilities. Like many, I have experienced the ease and beauty of following your path as well as the self-doubt and heartbreaks that often come along with it at some point. But through reflection and sharing stories with each other, I think we often find the courage within ourselves to get us to where we want to be.

 I’ve been compelled to share these with others in an effort to connect people to their own inner voices and ideas the same way I did from hearing others’ stories. It seems sometimes hearing others stories and gaining a different perspective can actually begin to help you write or alter your own. Many of my experiences have developed my thoughts and feelings in ways that inspired me to put them somewhere… turns out a blog is the outlet that works for me. Maybe my posts add nothing to your life, or maybe you find some kind of inspiration or motivation from them – either way, thank you for taking the time to read them. 

My original blog, Anni in Aussie, began in August of 2016 when I traded my reality in my home state of Florida, USA after college graduation for a new perspective and new discoveries in Australia. While I had an Au Pair job lined up, and a host family and a couple friends waiting for me when I got there, the experience of booking a one-way flight to a continent across the world was still nerve-wracking and exhilarating. I ended up spending nearly eight months in Australia, with two different jobs and two different addresses in Brisbane, Queensland to show for it. During my time there I learned a lot about myself, about finding the balance between taking initiative and going with the flow, and about the importance of breaking away to learn something new every chance I get.

When I felt I wanted to stretch myself farther and experience a culture completely different than mine back home, I headed for Southeast Asia and created The Alternative to document my voyage as a backpacker, and then as a volunteer with a non-profit called Warm Heart Worldwide in Northern Thailand. There I learned about simplicity, contentment, and about how much we take for granted in western civilization.

Those experiences and others prior provided inspiration for what is now Lionhearted, a continuation of The Alternative and a record of a new life in Colorado, USA (and eventually beyond). Here I have experienced the most challenges in my life and am constantly working on following my own advice, even when it is really hard. I chose this theme of bravery because I have found that when one finds the courage to walk their own path, despite pressures from others and  a number of obstacles that may arise, the most eye-opening and beautiful personal journey is able to blossom. While we are all allowed to have times of sadness, we can’t allow our fears of change and growth limit our ability to discover everything we possibly can be.

We have so many choices in life, but I think those we make with our deepest truths and dreams in mind are the ones that count. There will always be challenges, but there’s a journey worth fighting for for all of us. If there’s even a chance we can make our dreams come true during our short time on the Earth, why wouldn’t we at least try?

– Annaleigh