The Calm of Winter


As winter rolls in, so have lot of feelings, new activities and new people. With my ex no longer taking up much of my life, I’ve been forced to work on being ok alone and opening myself up in whole new way to people. I used to leave all my emotions and “real” talk for him but now I find myself opening up more to new friends and even complete strangers. I miss having “my person” but it is nice to be connecting with new people on a deeper level again – I think I’ve missed that.

Last weekend I went to Breckenridge to celebrate a couple friends’ birthdays and had such a great time with so many new faces. By the end I felt like we were one big, crazy family… I guess spending 2 days in a cabin in the mountains with people will do that. We mostly drank, danced, drank more in the hot tub, and played in the snow.  The weekend was simply fun that way. I also noticed how different everyone was and how much character and personality we each had – our differences made it that much more fun and special.


On the last day, my friend Charlie and I hit the slopes for the first time this winter. It felt great, and somehow not that weird, to get out there again. Of course I stuck to the greens and blues but it seemed like it came back pretty easily. I can really see myself improving a ton by the end of this season, you know, now that I’m a local 😉 It really is magical that I am living this life – one I never expected to live as a child. It shows me how much I’ve grown and pushed myself over the years… and I’m proud. I’m proud to live somewhere full of new opportunities and activities that once seemed so far away and unattainable as a Florida girl. The snow’s pristine beauty and energy gets me every time. Like a lot of Colorado locals, I look forward to every snowstorm because it means winter wonderland and good skiing – an excitement I’ve found is unique to this state. In many places, people whine and complain about the winters but here, people smile hop on the slopes. It’s just fun. Pure fun.


With those exciting days though, also come days like today that are wet and ugly but calming in a way. I’ve spent the entire day at home and it’s been lovely. I’ve focused on me and used every minute the way I wanted to. Some moments have felt lonely but I’m thankful. I’ve felt so cozy in my sweet Colorado home today and have been able to reflect on the life I’ve built here. Yes, there have been road bumps and heart breaks, but I’m here and I’m still moving forward. Tomorrow I head out early in the am to ski again and I’m stoked – there’s always something to look forward to 🙂

This Thanksgiving I’ll of course miss my family and will feel the guilt of not being there with them, but I will also enjoy the presence of my new life and the great new people in it. I’m hosting a Friendsgiving Wednesday with around 10 people and plan to head out on an adventure Thursday with a friend. The joy never ends… even when it feels like it might.



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