Not in Florida anymore

Colorado, USA 

The end of October is somehow nearing and it’s that time of month I begin getting antsy about writing a new post. Now that I work five days a week, things don’t seem to change quite as quickly as when I was traveling but that’s ok – at least I still have something to write about 😉

One of the highlights from the past month was Denver’s first snow of the 2018 / 2019 winter season. Coming from someone who lived in Florida her whole life prior to Colorado, the white snowfall was so magical and calming. Since it was a Sunday and there was no reason to leave the house, I stay cozied up inside, watching movies and cooking. I did step outside for a walk at one point and of course felt compelled to make a snow angel on the snow-covered golf course behind my house. The snow really brings out the kid in me…

Other than the snowfall, October has been a bit of a blur. My parents visited at the beginning of the month and we went to Breckenridge for a weekend. It was a lovely time until we drove back into Denver, on my first snowy, icey drive on Loveland Pass, and into cold, rainy weather in the city. We made the best of it though with yummy food, the Coors brewery tour, a movie at one of Denver’s oldest theaters and beer at Irish Rover. My parents’ company was comforting and exhausting at the same time. I forgot how much driving people around and listening to old people’s stories (sorry Mom and Dad) exhausts me.


While the month has been a blur, it’s also been exciting. I saw two great shows this month so far – St. Paul & the Broken Bones and Tycho – and also booked a week long trip to Europe with my college friend, Emily, for February. We’re probably going to freeze our butts off but we figured we both live in the cold now (she’s in NYC) so we can deal. The cheap flights are totally worth it. We’ll be going to Iceland for an overnight layover (Blue Lagoon, holla!), Germany (Berlin, Nuremburg, and Munich), and I’ll be going to Zurich by myself for one night since it was cheaper to fly out of there. I’m thrilled to have big travel plans for the first time in what feels like a while. I so miss exploring other cultures and being out there in the unfamiliar.

In other news, my relationship problems are still a struggle and constantly on my mind but I think its strain on me has prompted me to do things like book a trip to Europe, spontaneously get tickets for a band I didn’t know (St. Paul & the Broken Bones) and end up loving them, get to know other people more and learn to be comfortable being alone again (still working on that but it’s getting easier). I’ve also had a lot of fun with “him” and with “others,” casually. The most fun I still have is with him though. There’s too much fire and history between the two of us for it to be easy to be apart or move on, and I know he feels it too. I’m continuing to give him space and attempting to move on with my life but he is still a priority for me and I’m doing what I can to keep him in my life while he figures things out because maybe I’m just naive, but I really feel that with some time things will turn around we’ll end up even better.

Speaking of time, winter is just around the corner. Although there are still days in the 70s here and there, the days and nights are getting cooler, and sun is going down quicker. I’m both excited and a tad nervous (but in a good way) for my first winter. Some say it is going to be a more intense winter than usual while others predict it is going to have low precipitation like last year. In my experience here so far, I am in love with the snow. I love feeling the seasons change and seeing the snow fall while I look out my cozy, victorian home window or my office downtown. It is so different and exciting for me. On the other hand, though, I am a bit nervous about driving in the snow and am sad about not being able to camp anymore on the weekends. Instead, it is time to strap on those skiis and do what 10-year-old me never thought I’d do – ski on a weekly basis (I hated skiing when I was younger). Colorado continues to bring new adventures, new friends and new challenges, all of which continue to change me. Here’s to living.




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