The leaves are changing and so is life

Denver, CO

The leaves are changing, the weather is changing and so is life… After a vibrant, lively summer of exploring the mountains, a new city and new people, things have slowed down and there are a lot of moving parts in my life. I’ve noticed that so far it seems life has a way of changing things up about every six months.

My boyfriend, James, and I are now separated for one. I don’t like to say “broken up” because that’s not what it feels like… there was not fight, just a difference in situations within our Denver lives. After a lot of going and not much time focusing or saving, I guess it all got to be too much for a committed relationship to handle. Although the initial conversations around changing our relationship was hard, I’ve come to an understanding that it’s what he needs and I’m supporting him. We still care about each other and love to be around each other so are making every effort to still spend time together while not being a couple for now –  tricky, yes, but we’re making it work.

I also had one of my roommates, Paige, move out to live with her boyfriend. Her and I became pretty close over the last several months and I can’t thank her enough for being such a warm, friendly face to welcome me to Denver and my new home. I was so sad when she said she was leaving, especially because she has an amazing dog named Barkley who I miss so much. One of her and my other roommate’s good friends, James, is moving in though so chances are she’ll be around plenty.

And with all those changes, the leaves are also changing – quite early I might add. Middle of Sept. my high school friends visited and we took a day trip to Aspen – not a quick drive, but it was beautiful.  We saw the Maroon Bells and all the yellows, oranges and reds nestled into the mountains. So lovely… I’ve never really witnessed a real “Fall” so I am so excited about enjoying the seasonal changes for the first time in my life.

With the temperatures getting cooler, people are sneaking in their last camping trips and hikes in for the season. Tomorrow I plan to camp near Vail for a friend’s birthday and I expect to be cold but it may be my last chance for a while so I’m going to go for it. Last weekend, despite a broken toe that was stepped on while out on the town, and a serious hangover, I snuck in a day trip to Rocky Mountain National Park with a friend and did the Bierstadt Lake Loop Trail. It offered great views of the changing leaves within the park and was easy enough for someone with a broken toe. My friend and I hung out by the lake at the top for quite a while, taking in the fresh air and views, before it was time to head back to the city.

I’m getting excited for the winter but I’m also sad to goodbye to a lovely summer. Colorado has treated me right so far, offering me more views and adventures in a few months than I’ve had in my whole life before now. Today I sit in a coffee shop in Boulder, after visiting my friend at the Google campus for lunch (super impressive by the way and wow what great food…) in a sweater and jacket since its 48 degrees and grey outside. It truly is nice though… being witness to these seasonal changes. For the first time in a few months, I’ve woken up chilly and gone to bed comfortable (without AC).  I can’t wait for more camping next season but for now it’s time to strap on the boots for an upcoming ski season. Here’s to more mountain adventures – this time with snow.




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