Making the unknown a home

Denver, Colorado 

It’s fascinating to me how quickly a person can change nearly every aspect of their life, and find routine and comfort in a matter of weeks. I guess everyone handles change differently but in my personal experience I have found that no place is too strange for too long. Places quickly become homes (think that hostel you stayed at too many days in a row but felt weird leaving it because it had been your base for so many days…) and people quickly become family (think that group of friends you bonded with over beers and now you hang every weekend). The part that really gets me is how people from completely different backgrounds, languages and  lifestyles can connect quickly too… sometimes quicker than two people who’ve lived in the same town for 20 years.  Our ability to move on from the familiar into a completely undiscovered territory and still thrive is the most wonderful human asset to me, and one we should take advantage of.


Berkeley, Denver
Home sweet home in Berkeley, Denver










My new life in Denver so far has been like that. Of course there have been doubts and lonely nights, and insecurity, but there has also already been an incredible amount of friendship, success and memory-making in this brand new city. A little over two months ago I had never stepped foot in Denver and now I have a few different groups of friends I feel comfortable enough to text on the weekends (or even the weeks now…woah!), I feel like I actually know what I’m doing at work and feel like I’m kinda good at it, and could give a tourist directions if they asked for them (not completely confident on that one actually…) And I know this is not just a me thing. I talk to my friends in NYC, DC, L.A., Dallas, etc. doing the same thing – make a totally once unfamiliar place not only a home but a canvas – for all the adventures and memories they are painting all over that experience.

Since arriving to Denver and starting all over again (in a number of ways), I have been thinking a lot about how important leaving the familiar is for our personal growth. It’s not necessarily comfortable but is important because it stretches our limits and expands our knowledge so much faster than any class or degree ever could. Pushing oneself to leave what they know and learn from the changes and observations that come with a new frontier bring about opportunities and lessons that one never could’ve come across had he or she stayed in the last  place.

I am so grateful for the places I’ve lived so far and all I’ve learned from them. Each place has had its struggles and difficulties, especially in the beginning, but they’ve all come together to be part of great story so far. It is an incredible thing that people can travel so far from home and be able to adapt so quickly. It makes me wonder why many of us don’t do it more. Our ability to get around this planet is unmatched and I hope for everyone I know (and don’t know) that they find the beauty in reaching toward the unknown and unfamiliar for I really think that is the best way to enjoy life – not comfortable, no, but fulfilling. After all, at the end of your  life which do you think will seem more important?

– Anni

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