Denver, CO

It’s been a few weeks since I arrived in Denver and it already feels like the beautiful, creative, energetic home I was longing for. Although most days are filled putting in hours at work, I have started to really find my flow here and have begun to figure out my place in this totally new community. The excitement of moving somewhere new and putting myself out there to meet new people hasn’t come without its struggles or lonely moments, but for being so new to a city I feel welcomed and perfectly at-home.

Although my house is old, it is perfect. It felt right the moment I walked in with its white lights hung everywhere and its eclectic mix of furnishings. The people who go with it are great too – a bit older than me but are fun and free-spirited. I love their adventurous spirits and can’t say enough about how welcoming they have been. We seem to have opposite schedules during the week, but have still made time to hang out a couple times so far and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know them and some of their friends who live nearby.

Park near my house in Berkeley, Denver

Speaking of friends, I ran into an old friend from high school at Whole Foods downtown near where I work my first week and we ended up going out on the town together the next night. Although we haven’t known each other since we were teenagers, we got along great and have since hung out again on St. Patrick’s Day with a bunch of other people I also have been lucky enough to get to know. I am excited about all the great people I’ve met so far and look forward to seeing where the beginning of all these new friendships goes.

With the good times have come the struggles too, of course. On my second Monday of work, I missed my bus, nearly froze my fingers off due to a lack of gloves and high winds, slipped on ice and almost lost my wallet because it fell out of my bag when I slipped – all within 30 minutes. I learned many lessons that morning and am out to redeem myself by being prepared for the weather from here on out.

Work is another part of my life that has changed. Although there are only a few people I work with since the team is so small, I love the culture and flexibility of the small agency.  I also love WeWork! What a cool concept. They are always have happy hours and lunch events, which have been another great opportunity to meet new people. The work itself has required me to learn a lot more about tech companies I ever thought I would, but it is interesting work that keep me busy learning and coordinating. At the end of the day, I am just thankful to work with a team of people who are willing to teach me how to be a successful public relations woman, while valuing lifestyle and flexibility.

The fun stuff – Last weekend I headed to the mountains with my old friend, Rebecca, who lives in Boulder and had a beautiful day skiing Sunday in Vail. I had to overcome some tough runs, but overall it was a great experience and a great first weekend enjoying Colorado’s incredible landscape.

Rebecca and I skiing in Vail

I am so excited about everything that is happening here and am constantly being reassured that this is the place for me. Everyone I have met is so excited to be here as well and be experiencing this beautiful place together. The energy and positivity makes Denver feel warm and limitless. There is so much to do and see, and so many wonderful people to meet that it’s hard to come up with any downfalls of moving to this city. The fun I’m having is one thing but the growth I am experiencing as a person and adult is another. Life is happening fast but every bit of it so far feels so right and so great, and I can’t wait for all the adventures the Mile High city is going to bring me.

– Annaleigh


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