A Mile High!

Denver, Colorado 

It’s happening! My big dream to head west is now a reality. After months of submitting applications and enduring awkward video interviews from a room in my childhood home, I took a job offer with a public relations agency located in the heart of downtown Denver, which I begin in a couple of days. It’s an opportunity for career growth and an opportunity to fulfill my burning desire to explore the beautiful landscape of the Rocky Mountains and the areas around them. I never visited the Mile High City before moving here but had enough confidence that the active lifestyle, easygoing people and beautiful landscape I’ve heard about will be a perfect fit for me – let’s hope so at least.

Photo by James Mertz on Unsplash

Last week my Mom and I hit the road and headed for the Rockies to get me moved. Along the way we stayed with friends in Nashville, St. Louis and Kansas City, making the journey part of the fun. We made great memories in each city we stopped in and loved sharing the excitement of this chapter with good friends.

Leaving home in Orlando with a packed car and heavy heart

The anticipation for new adventures, friends, a new job and a new city is so real but with the new comes goodbyes to the old.. It’s funny how no matter how badly I want to go somewhere, the moment I have to leave it feels like I’m being forced away. What keeps me going is knowing that leaving is the hardest yet most necessary part of a new adventure.

A couple weeks ago, I said goodbye to my job at The Beacham, which kept me busy over the past few months, brought me to some wonderful people, and gave me the opportunity to learn more about marketing. I had farewell dinners and nights out with friends in Orlando who kept me sane over the past six months, visited Gainesville for a night to reminisce, and spent a day on the lake with a couple friends like we used to do when we were kids. I said bye to my newborn niece, sister-in-law, and brother, and cried as I gave my grandmother, puppies and Dad a big hug goodbye. I keep telling myself and everyone I’ve said bye to I am only a flight away and will be paying visits sooner than a year later (unlike when I took off to Australia), but I think it’s the idea that I’m moving out of my parents house for good and to a place I plan to settle in for a while that really has everyone (including me) with all the feels. Moving to Denver is a milestone in so many ways and is the furthest I’ve ventured out without planning to return to Orlando.

The upcoming weeks are sure to have their challenges but to settle into a beautiful new city, where I can gain back my independence, support myself with a new job and explore the beautiful scenery will be more than worth it. And for James – well he’ll be here soon. 😉

Times are changing and it’s both scary and exciting, but throughout my little bit of experience so far, the best things are. After six months of taking it easy at home, I’m ready to get into full gear and show big, bold Denver what this girl is made of. Ready or not, here I am…




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